Nutrition and Veterinary Schools will support the food service at Ciencias do Mar III

A group of professors, technicians and students from the Faculty of Nutrition at UFF are working on the universities Training Ship with an innovative project to develope an application for sanitary and stock control of the food service on board. The project entitled Sanitary Control on UFF’s Training Ship aims to develop and apply tools and protocols in order to monitor the good practices in the kitchen. The application will be used to control the physical-functional, hygienic-sanitary and operational conditions of the meal production process. In addition, the application will be used to assess the quality of service and meals served on board. The ship will be a testing laboratory for the application, which will later be used in all UFF Food Services.

The project is a partnership between the Faculty of Nutrition Emília de Jesus Ferreiro, the Institute of Computing and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and has the collaboration of a group of professors: Nutrition: Profa. Maria das Graças G. de A. Medeiros (coordinator), Maristela S. Lourenço and Manoela P. da Penha; Muriel Carneiro (Nutritionist); Computing: Flávio L. Seixas; Veterinarian: Robson M. Franco and Maria Carmela K.H. Duarte.

This is yet another step in the proposed integration of the largest number of university research groups in supporting the management of this important asset. The Steering Committee understands that the incorporation of the ship to the university opens up a huge window of opportunities for professional training in several areas beyond Marine Sciences, even enabling the creation of new research lines by UFF.


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