Representatives of offshore geophysical companies visit UFF’s research vessel

On Monday, June 7th, the research vessel Ciencias do Mar III was visited by representatives of the companies Corcovado GeoSub and OFG, which work in the field of offshore geophysical surveys for underwater engineering projects. The purpose of the visit was to learn about the vessel’s data acquisition potential to support future R&D projects in partnership with the university. The focus of the research would be on the scope of the new demands of projects for decommissioning offshore platforms, offshore wind farms and environmental mapping. All these projects preferably take place in shallow waters (up to 130 m deep), the limit at which the equipment installed on the ship is able to operate without any constrain. The partnership would involve data acquisition and the development of data processing techniques, as well as testing new equipment, allowing undergraduate and graduate students to participate and be trained in projects that are on the cutting edge of technology in subsea engineering.

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